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Hygiene & KJJA Cleaning Procedures

Hygiene Recommendations for KJJA Students and KJJA Cleaning Procedures

Hygiene & KJJA Cleaning Procedures

Let's face it, in jiu-jitsu training, you're going to be in someone's personal space, and someone will be in your's. No one wants to train with a stinky partner, but sometimes we don't know we stink. So, here are some recommendations for training at the academy:

1) ALWAYS wear a laundered gi (and other gear) to class. This is required at our academy! This should be a given, but unfortunately, it is not. Some students think, "I didn't sweat that much in this gi, I'll just wear it again without washing it."

This is the reason why only white gi's are required in Gracie Certified Training Centers (beside school unity and spirit). It's hard to hide dirt on white gi's! I have trained at bjj academies where students hardly wash their gi's (this includes the instructors!). So, they roll around in dingy, discolored gi's and they stink to high heaven (but they don't seem to realize it!).

RULE OF THUMB: If your white gi ever becomes dingy and off-white, time for a new gi! Time to let go and buy a new one!

People don't realize how much dirt and grime is caught by your gi after rolling around on the mats where people have been walking around barefoot. Even if your gi looks clean and doesn't stink after class, believe me, it's dirty. Wash it! No exceptions!

Although it is taboo in the jiu-jitsu community to wash your belt, I'd recommend washing it from time to time (like every 6 months or so). You can throw it in a pillow case and just throw it on a quick cycle and let it hang dry.

*Note about tape stripes: If you have cloth-tape stripes (not electrical tape) on your belt, you can secure your stripes to your belt by ironing them to your belt. Put your belt on an ironing board, put some type of cotton cloth on top of your stripes, and then iron your stripes with the cloth in between. This will glue your stripes to your belt and will decrease the chance of them being pulled off during training and when you wash them. I've never tried this method with electrical tape though.

2) Always come to class with a clean body, mouth, and freshly applied deodorant, especially if you work a labor-intensive job during the day. If you sweat a lot at your day job, please take a quick shower (it doesn't have to be a deep clean, just wash off the sweat) before class.

IMPORTANT: Please come to class sober and odor free! If you are a smoker or consume alcohol, students should show up to class free of offensive odors of any kind. Smokers usually can't tell that they smell of smoke. Please ensure to mitigate any odors associated with smoking and drinking.

Some people view jiu-jitsu class as a "work out" and therefore don't see the point in showering before a workout. The biggest difference, though, between a fitness center workout and a jiu-jitsu class is that you're going to be in people's personal space at a jiu-jitsu school. At LA Fitness, you're not. Therefore, having a clean body is imperative. I also recommend brushing your teeth and popping a few mints before class too. A clean body, fresh mouth, and fresh armpits shows respect for your partner!

No one is going to tell you that you stink, so we have to self-monitor and take preemptive measures to ensure that we aren't walking garbage dumps.

3) Wash your beard. If you have a nice, full, luscious beard, wash it! You can't smell it, be we can, especially in side-mount.

4) Please keep your finger nails trimmed. Long fingernails and toenails cause cuts and are very dirty.

5) Please wear shoes or sandals off the mats and to the restrooms. You are welcome to leave your shoes right next to the mat.

6) Due to sanitary reasons, please do not wear socks. Please speak to an instructor if you have a particular religious or medical reason for wearing socks. Generally speaking, though, socks are not allowed.

The mat training area is swept, cleaned, and sterilized after the last class of the day. Therefore, the mat is always clean and sterilized for the next day of classes.

The carpet areas in the locker rooms are vacuumed as needed and are shampooed once per week. Shampooing the carpeted areas is necessary in order to minimize the buildup of bacteria, fungus, or viruses.

All floor areas of the gym (including the restroom floors) are swept and mopped once per week, or more often as needed (especially in the winter months).

Please inform KJJA staff if there are any hygiene or sanitation issues that need to be addressed. Our goal is to maintain a clean and safe training facility for everyone!

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